ESMAC Competition

On the occasion of the ESMAC Virtual 2021 we would like to announce a competition for FREE MEMBERSHIP!

All you need to do is visit each Spatial chat room and each booth on the conference platform, and look for a single letter that will be hidden somewhere (I can´t tell you where) on the platform. After you visit all the rooms and booths, you should be able to create a long word or short sentence from all the letters. Be aware there is a correct answer!

The winner will be randomly selected from all the correct answers sent to the ESMAC Secretariat and will win a one year ESMAC Membership!

Here is the list of all the rooms you should visit:

  • AMTI (spatial chat)
  • AMTI (booth)
  • Bertec (booth)
  • C-Motion (booth)
  • Delsys Europe (spatial chat)
  • Delsys Europe (booth)
  • Moveshelf (booth)
  • Qualisys (spatial chat)
  • Qualisys (booth)
  • Theia Markerless (spatial chat)
  • Theia Markerless (booth)
  • Vicon (spatial chat)
  • Vicon (booth)
  • XSENSOR (spatial chat)
  • XSENSOR (booth)


Send your guesses to the ESMAC Secretariat:


Good luck and have fun!