Chair Guidelines


We would like to thank you for taking up the role of a chair for a session at the ESMAC 2021 Virtual Meeting. Please, read through the following instructions to prepare for this session.

We would like to invite you to the rehearsal session for chairs on Monday, 11th October at 19:00 (CEST). The link for joining was sent to you via e-mail. Please check your spam box as well.

The rehearsal session will be recorded, so in case you cannot join us, we will send you the tutorial video then.

In addition, we have listed your role and requirements below.​

ESMAC 2021 Programme is available on the website.

Your role as a chair

  • Introduce the session.
  • Invite participants to make use of Q&A tool Slido.
  • Introduce each speaker before their presentation begins. Biographies will be available in the interactive program.
  • Each speaker is given 7 minutes + 3 minutes for Q&As. There is no joint discussion at the end of the session, but separately after each presentation. The speakers were instructed.
  • Prepare questions in case there are none in the Q&A.
  • The discussion follows after the session in Spatial Chat – please instruct the attendees (speakers and delegates) to join Spatial Chat with a button in the platform.
  • Keep track of time (speakers and chairs will see a timer for each presentation).
  • Make sure the session does not run over time.


Before the start of the Conference


  • Download Zoom Client (if not already downloaded) – no account necessary.
  • Make sure your computer is equipped with a well-functioning camera and microphone. We recommend using a headset.
  • Test your Zoom connection using this link; you can test your audio, video, and general connection. Wired internet connection is preferable.
  • IMPORTANT: Watch our tutorial to get familiar with Slido (the Q&A tool).
  • Await Zoom link and Slido link to be sent by 12 October 2021. Please, check your spam folder as well. You will also be able to find the email containing the links in your Communication Log.



On the day of your session


  • 20 minutes prior to the start of the session, log in to Slido.
  • 15 minutes prior to the start of the session, join the Zoom meeting room.
  • You will need to open both Zoom and your internet browser with Slido on the same screen, or open Zoom on your computer and Slido on your smartphone.


After you join the Zoom meeting room


  • You and the speakers will be welcomed by the technical operator who will check everyone’s audio and video and explain the interface and will update you on any last-minute programme changes.
  • Once the session starts, you will introduce each speaker before their presentation. You can open the online program to have quick access to all speakers and their bios.
  • You (as well as the speakers) will also see the countdown once any presentation starts, so that you can interfere if necessary to keep the session on time.
  • Participants will be watching the live session stream and type in questions, which you will immediately see in Slido. Within the Q&A at the end of the session, ask your selected questions to the relevant speaker(s).
  • Speakers and chairs cannot talk to each other once the session starts. They can only use the Zoom’s chat function. Otherwise you will disrupt the live speaker and be heard by the audience. There is a chat in Zoom for written communication.
  • In most sessions, there will be 2 chairs who can share the tasks of introducing speakers and managing the Q&A.


For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit the ESMAC 2021 website.

Kind regards,

ESMAC 2021 Scientific Programme Department

This letter and all previous communication can be accessed from the Online Conference Portal.